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Sport Performance Gym in St. Petersburg, FL

Top-Notch Training is creating the best athletes in St Pete!  We are focused on improving athleticism by training ALL of the skills needed to help you rise above the competition and empower you with a winning edge!  Established in 2012, Top-Notch Training offers a complete youth sports performance training system. Our sessions are designed to build a strong athletic foundation for long-term success!  Whether you're a new athlete exploring ways to improve your game, or an experienced athlete needing that extra edge, TNT promises personalized, focused attention to push you across the finish line!

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We are here to connect the lacrosse community nationwide with high-quality resources to educate, inspire, & empower those motivated athletes, their families, & coaches to be the best they can be; both on & off the field.  We bring you 6 week personalized programs focused specifically on drills we know you are not getting at practice.  These programs are for boys and girls lacrosse players ages 12 -16.  If you love the game of lacrosse you need to be going through our program!

Nationally known program for lacrosse players

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I've been in the fitness industry over 10 years now. I've been working as a full-time trainer right out of college. Got my degree in Exercise Science and minor in Nutrition. This is my passion. I love what I do and I love helping people push through their limitations and see how great they can be. It's my job to learn what your goals are, learn what's holding you back, and then use my knowledge and tools to help get you to your goals! You can have what you envision. Let me help you!

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2 Minute Nutrition Mindset Podcast and Blog

This is not a nutrition resource where we discuss facts, diets, or latest trends.  I'm here to discuss the mindset behind our nutrition choices.  We think we need to be more educated so we constantly pin more recipes, follow popular influencers on social media and listen to talk shows desperately trying to get all the facts.  In this podcast (if you prefer to listen) or blog (if you want to read), I give you short 2 -3 minute tips on how you can better come at the topic of nutrition, health, and self-confidence.  It's short, to the point, and highly beneficial!


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